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S&P DayTrader Service

Trading the S&P 500 can be dicey at best. In the fall of 2006 we began offering free S&P signal to our subscribers, racking up over $6,000 profits; 16 trades with 10 winners. Subscribers kept asking for more signals so we began - again - to give day trade signals for free in November of 2007... we had 15 trades, 9 winners and $19,725 profits. These were real trades all of our subscribers, in real time... unlike any other service you have ever seen. I wanted to prove the signals would hold up - FOR FREE AND IN REAL TIME TRADING. You see, I think one trade in real time is worth 50 from some "back tested" optimized system.

With 31 trades under our belt, 61% accuracy, and over $25,000 profits, I felt it was time to "go live" with the S&P DayTrader service... and I could not have picked a worse time... the massive slide and volatility expansion of January 2008.

Well, that's the story behind how this service began. For the rest of the facts and low subscription cost, just keep reading...

Tuesday January 15, 2008 was our official start date for this service as a paid subscription. Below are the monthly results since the paid service started.

Читаем оригинал: http://www.ireallytrade.com/sp500.html

Есть стейт по системе с января 2008 по апрель 2008 .

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