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Happiness: 3 amazing tips from the world's oldest case study

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Понравился  этот   эксперимент, в  котором   взяли  участие  268   студентов  Гарвардского  университета..

Счастье  - всего  3   составных!!

 1. Have a Healthy Outlet   

2. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

3. Happiness Must be Shared

 Р С (    Иметь  хобби,  чтобы  выпускать  пар  от  напряжения  на  основной  работе,    легче  относится   к  себе ,  раздавать /как  вариант  благотворительность/

 Статья  и  текст   в  оригинале   инглиш.


We’ve all heard countless studies, articles and TV interviews on happiness. But the other day I stumbled upon something that is just now being revealed to the media for the first time.* It's a 72 year old study that began all the way back in 1937 when 268 Harvard University sophomores were asked to participate in a study measuring “a formula-some mix of love, work, and adaptation-for a good life.” And while many of those who were college sophomores in 1937 are now dying or in their fading twilight, this study continues to be diligently maintained to this very day.

And never before has science been able to report such fascinating and thoroughly time-tested results on happiness. Following are 3 powerful lessons from this study.

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