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Итак начал читать книгу "Mind over Markets" Далтона.


Суть книги и профиля:

In Mind over Markets, our goal is to teach you how to "read the
plays." In more concrete terms, you will learn how to identify the information
generated by the market, understand its implications, and act on
your knowledge. However, this is not a book about a trading system that
works or does not work. The Market Profile is not a black box that dogmatically
tells you when to buy and sell commodities. This is a book on
learning. This a book on observing and understanding the market.


Some degree of derivative learning is necessary,
especially during the early stages, but in the words of the ancient Greek
philosopher Heraclitus, "Much learning does not teach understanding."
Only through experience and extensive practice and application will understanding
and expertise arise


The Market Profile is an evolving gauge that
accurately reflects market activity in the present tense, a gauge being
defined as a passive device that exists only to measure something. The
key to the Market Profile lies in correctly reading this information.

Understanding the Market Profile requires more than the regurgitation
of a list of concepts; it requires the ability to challenge the rules and
look beyond the restricting confines of popular opinion.

Most people do not want to know the purpose of the market. They do not want to have to think rationally and
objectively about the bigger picture. Most market participants, in fact
most people in general, would rather be given a set of rules to blindly
follow than to have to use personal insight and innovative thought.
Again, the majority of the people who trade futures do not make money.

The purpose of the futures market is similar to any other market. It
exists solely to facilitate trade, and it does so by auctioning from high to
low and low to high, in order to find an area where trade can best be


Важный принцип МП :

Think of trade facilitation in terms of your corner grocery store. If
the price of peanut butter is too high, shoppers will refrain from buying,
and the grocer will realize that price is too high. He will then move price
lower until the buyer responds by purchasing the product. If the grocer
moves price too low, however, his inventory will be quickly depleted as
buyers take advantage of price below value. Finally, the price will
balance somewhere in between the two extremes, where value is established
and two-sided trade can take place. Price must move too high or
too low before both the grocer and the shopper know it has gone far
enough. The same is true in the futures market. The market auctions up
until the buyer will buy no more, and down until the seller will sell no
more, in the process establishing extremes of price, shown in the profile
as the tapering ends of the bell curve.


Суть которую необходимо скватить : The point is, to
successfully trade the futures market, you must understand what the other
timeframe is doing and position yourself with them.


The Market Profile is not a technical or mechanical system,
and the discussion to follow should not be memorized for later "regurgitation."
Remember, everything is a part of the larger whole, and "a
little information is a dangerous thing."


Где трейдер делает больше всего ошибок? В трендовом дне! Оказывается то!!!

A Trend day differs from a Normal Variation day in that the Trend
day's Profile is generally thinner and more elongated, usually no more
than four or five TPOs wide at any point. Failure to recognize and accept
that one is in a Trend day is one of the most costly mistakes a trader
can make. Several days of trading profits can be lost in one trading session
if you are positioned against the trend. It is important to identify
early that either the other timeframe buyer or seller is in clear control
and position yourself with them.


На протяжении всей книги Далтон сравнивает становление трейдера с музыкантом Давидом. Который осваивает музыкальный инструмент шаг за шагом.

The market has already
spoken in the form of time and logic
. Traders who rely exclusively on structure
without integrating time and logic will be late in entering and exiting
the market
, just as catcher who holds his throw until he sees how
fast a man stealing second base can run will never make the out.


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